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Fiji FAQS and Fiji Facts
Welcome to, a fun site with answers to favourite asked questions about the tropical Fiji Islands. Please browse our 'FAQ SECTION' on the right to discover things you wish to know about Fiji's beautiful islands. Enjoy learning interesting facts as well as answers to questions such as "How many islands are in the group?" and "Can you get a good coffee at the Nadi International Airport!".

Fiji Facts

This section is full of information about important facts such as the name of the capital city, population and time in Fiji. Here you will find those details that you have always wanted to know, such as "In which time zone is Fiji ?" or "What languages are spoken?" Enjoy discovering these interesting facts about this island paradise.

Vacation and Travel Information

For those planning to travel to Fiji on holiday, you will find answers to questions you may have about your vacation in this South Pacific island paradise, such as whether to tip for services, or whether malaria is a problem. Although English is spoken everywhere in Fiji, you may enjoy visiting the FAQ section on the Fijian Language to find out how to say everyday words such as hello, goodbye, and thank you!

Island Climate and Weather Facts and FAQs

Here you will find questions and answers about Fiji's tropical climate and weather, how hot it gets, how cool, and whether cyclones are prevalent.

Airport Information and Flights to Fiji

These sections have a great deal of facts on the airports in Fiji, such as flight information, duty-free shops, and restaurants. The Flights to Fiji section also gives detail on which airlines fly to the Fiji islands, Fiji domestic air travel, and facts such as how long does it take to fly to Fiji?

Please browse our interactive website and find out why Fiji is such a fascinating tropical destination! You will enjoy learning about Fiji in this quick and easy Fiji guide to favourite questions and answers.

Favourite FAQs

  • Why are the sandy beaches so white in Fiji?
      The very white sand beaches, as can be found on many islands throughout Fiji result from the natural grinding down of dead coral.  Beaches that occur where there is no fringing coral reef are more golden colour, and less frequently they are black, due to the grinding down of volcanic rock along the shores.
  • What is the nearest airport?
      The Nausori International Airport is located twenty minutes drive from Suva.
  • What are the main hotels in or near Savusavu?

      There are a number of resorts and hotels with in a 20 minute drive of the town.

      <li>Hotsprings Hotel
      <li>Daku Resort
      <li>Cousteau Resort
      <li>Koro Sun Resort

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