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  • How big is the island of Taveuni?

      The island of Taveuni is 435 square kilometers and is 43 kilometers long and on average 11 to 12 kilometers wide.

  • How many people live on Taveuni.

      Excluding tourists and visitors, the are approximately 12,500 inhabitants of this tropical paradise.

  • What is the highest mountain on Taveuni?

      Mt Uluigalau at 1,241 meters high is the highest peak on Taveuni and the second highest in Fiji .


  • When was Taveuni first sighted by European explorers?

      Abel Tasman was the first European to visit Taveuni in 1643.

  • What is the ' tagimoucia ' ?

      The tagimoucia (tahng-ee-mow-theea) is a beautiful flowered creeper, with blooms of red and white. There is a local romantic legend attached to the flower; which are said to represent the tears of a young girl whose father forbade her to marry the boy of her dreams. The tagimoucia only grows at altitudes of above 2,000 feet, from October to December.

  • Where is Bouma Falls located?

      The Bouma National Heritage Park is located on the northern part of Taveuni, approximately 1 hours drive from the Matei Airport. The park is over 15 thousand hectacres and has a number of trails, walks and waterfalls.

  • What is the main town on Taveuni?
      Naqara located next to the Somosomo village is the largest town on Taveuni. The main street has a few commercial stores.
  • Is there an airport on the island of Taveuni.
      There is a small airport at Matei on the northern tip of the island. The airport has just had it's runway sealed and is quite picturesque with views of palms and blue waters near by.
  • Flights to Taveuni?
      The most popular way to get to Taveuni is via AirFiji or Sun Air flights. They fly from Suva and Nadi, some flights are direct to Matei Airport, while others have a stop off at Savusavu on the way to Taveuni.
  • Can I get to Taveuni via boat or ferry?
      Yes there are boat services to Taveuni from Suva. The SOFI and Suilven Shipping offers services to Savusavu, then onto Taveuni. There are also small boats that one can use to get from Vanua Levu, Buca Bay to Taveuni.
  • Where are the Matamaiqi blowholes?
      The Matamaiqi blowholes are located on the southern part of Taveuni.
  • Where can I find a map of Taveuni?

      One of the best places to find maps of Fiji is Fiji Maps.

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